Streaming Audio Ads

Run streaming audio ads across the SiriusXM Streaming Network

Why audio ads?

Audio has been one of the most powerful storytelling devices for hundreds of years. It evokes powerful emotions and fully engages our imaginations. Streaming audio lets advertisers get close and personal with their audience, reaching them between their ears and enabling a close and intimate connection they can’t achieve elsewhere.

On our network, audio ads drive a 2% increase in brand favorability and a 2% increase in purchase intent. Explore our ad products and contact us to get started.

Explore our streaming audio ad products


Run your audio ad in a variety of lengths across a variety of devices, accompanied by a display banner.

Dynamic audio

Offer listeners a hyper-personalized ad listening experience made just for them. This offering leverages data signals like location, weather, music genre, building up to hundreds, thousands, and even millions of variations.

Our exclusive partnership with A Million Ads enables real-time personalized audio creative at scale. Our Studio Resonate team works with A Million Ads to seamlessly stitch together individual script elements to create hundreds, thousands, and even millions of custom versions, so that advertisers can send the right message to the right listener at the right time.

Sequential audio

Capture and engage listeners with real-time, sequentially targeted audio ads to drive them further down the purchase funnel. With this offering, we serve listeners an ad based on whether they’ve been exposed to a previous message.

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